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Promoting Software Careers In Utah

We are a group of software developers specializing in enterprise applications for governments and business using web and mobile technologies. We continually invest in processes and technologies that help solve our customers needs with cost effective and innovative solutions.

Technical Recruiting

Palmer Software Consulting is founded and staffed by independent software consultants and we are experts in our field. We provide software consulting for the State of Utah and additional local businesses. We are not like other recruiting agencies as we are technologist ourselves continually working on projects.

If you are interested in becoming an independent software consultant or would like to learn more about becoming one, please contact us. We are always looking for leaders in all areas of technology to help solve today’s modern software problems.

Government IT and Open Source Services

We are passionate about open source for governments and business. We use open source frameworks for all of our projects. This helps our customers reduce their software maintenance costs and improve the overall security of their solutions.

Open source provides opportunities for literally anyone to master software technology that they can then use in their career or business. We firmly believe that government and businesses should promote open source in all of their projects. This lowers the cost of software ownership for those organizations and helps contribute back to community.

DevOps Services

We help government and companies improve the software development processes by training and implementing best DevOps practices. Whether your organization is running your software in the cloud or on premise, we can help optimize your deployment and build processes and remove unnecessary bottlenecks.

Mobile and Voice Application Development

We create mobile applications for small businesses that allow increased support to their clients. These applications are primarily in the coaching and training market. We use an open source framework called Ionic to help create excellent mobile applications for IoS and Android platforms. Ionic’s hybrid SDK eliminates the need to create separate applications for each platform.

We recommend to all enterprise customers that need a mobile application to use the Ionic framework for creating those applications.

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